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Assorted Cat Toys

Great & Small's range of cat toys help to provide cats with fun, exercise and stimulation that helps to satisfy their natural instincts.

Big Polka Mouse

Original price was: £2.99.Current price is: £2.78.
Key Features: Perfect for batting. Dangle arms and legs for added interest. Contains cat-nip 16cm Length

Classic – Catnip Dynamite

High quality, great interactive cat toy from Classic. Fun, enjoyment and exercise for our feline friends!

Faces ‘N’ Feathers – Butterfly

This Faces 'n' Feathers range is here to give your cat an endless amount of fun. This range includes plush toys all infused with catnip.

Fluffy Dangler Cat Toy

Watch cats go crazy with an Ancol Fluffy Dangler.

Fluffy Mice

Cats have a natural instinct to chase and catch mice; Ancol Furry Mice let cats chase, bite, and bat harmlessly.

Johnson’s Catnip Spray 150ml

Contains an oil from the dried leaves of cat mint. Applied to cat bedding, toys, scratching posts etc... To attract and give pleasure to cats.

Pom Pom Scratching Drum

Original price was: £3.49.Current price is: £3.25.
Key Features: Perfect for batting. Contains a rattle ball to keep them entertained. Also has a sisal mat around the

Rosewood Naturals for Cat Catnip Ball

Developed with the Naturals brand and principals in mind, Naturals for Cat offers all of the benefits of our small animal range including a focus on unique products using natural materials. Offering exciting and enriching products for both the consumer and their pets.

Unicorn Batter

Original price was: £2.79.Current price is: £2.52.
Key Features: Perfect for batting With multiple textures for interest Contains cat-nip Toy size 6cm approx. Colour of unicorn may

Widlife Rodentz – Squirel

Wildlife Rodentz have a realistic look cats will love to chase. Filled with Catnip, this toy will keep your cat energised and active. Wildlife Rodentz let indoor cats experience the joy of the hunt