Welcome to our Holiday category, where we celebrate the joy of special occasions with your furry family members. Explore a seasonal wonderland of pet toys, holiday-themed accessories, and even advent calendars to share the holiday spirit with your beloved pets. Whether it’s Easter, Halloween, or Christmas, make every holiday memorable for your pets with our delightful range of holiday items.

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3 Skull Rope

A 3 Skull Rope dog toy for Halloween

Bauble Squeaky Christmas Pudding

A new squeaky dog toy from Animate to hang on your tree this Christmas! Great festive fun for for all of the family.

Bauble Squeaky Reindeer

A new squeaky dog toy from Animate to hang on your tree this Christmas! Great festive fun for for all of the family.

Candy Cane

Introducing the Nova Dog Chew Christmas Candy Cane – the quintessential holiday treat for your cherished canine companion, sure to make their tails wag with delight. Crafted with the utmost care and dedication to quality, this festive chew is made from 100% natural ingredients, embodying the true spirit of the season while offering a blend of delectable flavors and wholesome goodness that dogs of all sizes will adore. The Nova Dog Chew Christmas Candy Cane is thoughtfully composed of a harmonious blend of premium ingredients, including Pea starch, Sweet Potato starch, Chicken, Vegetable glycerine, Cranberry, Peppermint oil, and Flaxseed oil. These natural elements come together to create a chewable masterpiece that will captivate your dog's senses. Pea and Sweet Potato starch provide a sturdy and satisfying texture, ensuring hours of delightful chewing for your furry friend. Real Chicken is at the heart of this treat, serving as a high-quality protein source that dogs find irresistible. The inclusion of Cranberry adds a hint of natural sweetness while delivering essential nutrients and antioxidants, further supporting your dog's overall health. Moreover, the infusion of Peppermint oil not only imparts a refreshing flavor that dogs enjoy but also contributes to their oral hygiene, promoting fresh breath and healthy teeth. Flaxseed oil rounds out the formula by providing essential fatty acids that support a lustrous coat and healthy skin. The Nova Dog Chew Christmas Candy Cane isn't just a treat; it's an expression of your love and care during the holiday season. Allow your dog to savor the essence of Christmas with this delightful, natural chew, and witness the pure joy and excitement that it brings to their festive celebrations. Make this holiday season extra special for your furry friend with the Nova Dog Chew Christmas Candy Cane – a perfect blend of taste, nutrition, and holiday cheer that will create cherished memories for both you and your canine companion.

Christmas Badger

This soft long Badger dog toy will give lots of winter fun

Christmas Llama Jumper

With a snug fit and super soft feel, our Knitted Llama Jumper is elasticated for comfort and ease of movement while walking. The designs bright colours and novelty llama adds a touch of whimsy to your pet's wardrobe.  Guaranteed to keep your dog warm during winter walks, our jumpers have been designed with our pets in mind and can be easily and comfortably worn by your pet without causing them distress.

Christmas Reindeer

This cute cuddly Reindeer will be a good soft toy for dogs to play with and to snuggle this winter

Christmas Vinyl Toy Assorted

Bring the festivities to playtime with our Christmas Vinyl Toy collection! Elevate your holiday season by treating your furry best friend to the Holly & Robin Festive Friends Christmas Vinyl Toy by Happy Pet. Designed with love and care, these enchanting and durable vinyl toys are the perfect way to make this festive season memorable for your canine companion. Each toy in this festive line-up is a testament to fine craftsmanship, spotlighting the delightful Holly and Robin characters that resonate with the holiday spirit. Not only are these Christmas Vinyl Toys captivating in design, but they're also robust enough to handle the playful antics of your pet, promising hours of boundless enjoyment. A standout feature of these toys is the integrated squeakers, which add a layer of fun and intrigue to play sessions. The spontaneous squeaks are sure to captivate your dog, making these toys an instant favorite. Be it an enthusiastic game of fetch, casual tossing, or a chew session, this Christmas Vinyl Toy collection caters to all. Gift your four-legged family member the Holly & Robin Festive Friends this holiday season and watch as the joy unfolds. After all, every playtime during this magical season, enhanced by a Christmas Vinyl Toy, is a shared memory that lasts a lifetime. With Happy Pet, you're not just giving a toy; you're gifting cherished moments.

Crinkle 3 Tier Pumpkin

This Crinkle Pumpkin Dog Toy will give lots of fun.

Crinkle Spider Web

A Crinkle Spiders Web this Halloween will CATCH! the attention of any playful dog.

Dreamies Christmas Gift Box

Elevate the holiday spirit with the purr-fect Christmas presents for cats - the DREAMIES Christmas Cat Stocking Treats. Inside this festive stocking, you'll discover five packs of 30g crunchy cat treats in dreamy flavors that cats and kittens simply can't resist. It's the ideal way to turn playtime into treat time, ensuring your feline companions go mad for the irresistible taste of DREAMIES™ Cat Treats throughout the holiday season. This special stocking includes two packs of Chicken cat treats, as well as one pack each of Cheese, Salmon, and Beef cat treats. Each flavor is designed to cater to your cat's cravings, making it a delightful gift for cat lovers to hang on the tree. The DREAMIES Christmas Cat Stocking Treats isn't just a gift; it's a gesture of love and joy for your beloved pets. As your feline friends eagerly explore each pack, their eyes light up with anticipation, transforming every moment into a magical holiday memory. Make this Christmas unforgettable for your cats and kittens with DREAMIES™ Cat Treats, because their happiness is what truly matters during the holiday season. Share the joy of these irresistible treats and witness the purr-fect expression of love and delight in your furry companions.

Dreamies Christmas Gift Variety Stocking

Introducing the Christmas Gift Variety Stocking that is bound to be at the top of your feline's wish list this festive season: the DREAMIES Christmas Cat Stocking Treats. Crafted with love, this stocking is the epitome of holiday joy, showcasing a delightful medley of five 30g packs of crunchy cat treats in the most sought-after flavors. Peek inside this enticing Christmas Gift Variety Stocking, and you'll be met with an array of cat treats designed to charm even the pickiest of cats. Boasting two packs of savory Chicken cat treats, a delightful Cheese cat treat pack, a sumptuous Salmon cat treat pack, and a rich Beef cat treat pack, it promises a taste adventure for your feline that lasts the whole festive season. But the DREAMIES Christmas Cat Stocking Treats is more than just treats in a stocking. It stands as a testament to the love and care you hold for your feline family member. Imagine hanging this Christmas Gift Variety Stocking on your tree, sparking curiosity among guests, and the unparalleled joy in your cat's eyes as they delve into each treat. This holiday season, ensure your cat doesn't miss out on the festive fun. Choose the DREAMIES Christmas Cat Stocking Treats, encapsulating the essence of the Christmas Gift Variety Stocking. It's not just about the treats; it's about the precious moments and memories you'll create with your pet.

Good Boy Deluxe Dog Stocking

Make this Christmas a memorable one for your beloved furry companion with the Good Boy Deluxe Dog Stocking – the ultimate gift that promises to set their tail wagging with uncontainable excitement. Bursting at the seams with an array of delectable treats, this stocking ensures your pup feels like the VIP (Very Important Pooch) of the holiday season. Inside this lavish stocking, a treasure trove of mouthwatering goodies awaits. These treats are not just delicious; they are a token of your appreciation for your loyal four-legged friend, a way to reward them for their unwavering love and companionship. The Good Boy Deluxe Dog Stocking offers the paw-fect opportunity to train your pup or simply shower them with extra love for being the best boy or girl. Each treat is a gesture of affection that strengthens the bond between you and your furry family member, making every moment together even more special. As if that weren't enough, this extraordinary stocking also features a rope toy, designed to provide hours of entertainment. It's not just a toy; it's an invitation to play, to share moments of joy, and to create lasting memories together. This holiday season, go above and beyond to express your love and gratitude to your furry friend. The Good Boy Deluxe Dog Stocking is more than just a gift; it's a symbol of cherished moments, ensuring your pup's Christmas is filled with happiness, treats, and endless fun.

Good Boy Dog Treat Stocking

This holiday season, give your cherished canine companion the most extraordinary Christmas gift with the Good Boy Dog Treat Stocking. Overflowing with delectable treats, this stocking promises to immerse your pup in the heartwarming spirit of the holidays, ensuring they feel like a true member of the holly jolly festivities. Inside this festive stocking, you'll discover an array of scrumptious goodies that will have your dog's tail wagging with unbridled joy. These treats are more than just a snack; they are a heartfelt gesture of appreciation for your furry friend's loyalty and affection. The Good Boy Dog Treat Stocking provides the paw-fect opportunity to reward your pup for their good behavior or to reinforce positive training. Each treat is a token of your love and admiration, making every tail wag and happy bark a precious moment of connection. But that's not all—this special stocking also includes a rope toy, designed to keep your dog engaged and thrilled throughout the entire festive season. It's not just a toy; it's an invitation to play, bond, and create cherished memories together. This holiday, go the extra mile to show your furry companion how much they mean to you. The Good Boy Dog Treat Stocking is more than just a gift; it's a symbol of love and togetherness, ensuring your dog's holiday season is brimming with happiness and festive cheer.

Good Boy Hug Tug Polar Bear

Get ready to win some serious holiday cheer with your furry best friend when you gift them the Good Boy Hug Tug Polar Bear. This adorable and versatile toy is designed to bring endless joy to your canine companion throughout the festive season. The Good Boy Hug Tug Polar Bear is the ultimate snuggle buddy, playtime pal, and even a satisfying chew toy rolled into one. Its rope arms add an element of interactive fun, making it perfect for games of tug-of-war that will have tails wagging with enthusiasm. The super soft and plush texture of this polar bear toy makes it an irresistible cuddle companion, ensuring your pup finds comfort and warmth during those cozy holiday moments. Whether it's a solo snuggle session or a friendly game of fetch, this toy is up for the challenge. By gifting your pooch the Good Boy Hug Tug Polar Bear, you're not just providing a toy; you're creating cherished memories of holiday play and bonding. Share the joy of the season with your fluffy friend and watch them light up with glee as they cuddle, tug, and chew to their heart's content. This holiday, give your dog the gift of endless happiness with this pawfect polar bear toy from Armitage.

Good Boy Real Meat Dog Stocking

Celebrate the holiday season by gifting your furry friend the Real Meat Dog Stocking - a specially curated Doggy Delight Stocking. This isn't just any ordinary stocking; it's a testament to the premium quality and genuine affection you hold for your pup. By presenting them with this Real Meat Dog Stocking, you ensure their Christmas celebrations mirror the specialness of your own. Envision the spark of happiness in your dog's eyes as they explore the rich, meaty treasures within this stocking on Christmas morning. Their joy and enthusiasm will undoubtedly be a cherished memory, adding to the enchantment of your festive celebrations. The Doggy Delight Stocking, filled with Real Meat Dog treats, isn't just a festive gesture. It's a handpicked assortment that mirrors the warmth, love, and merriment of the season. It's not just about the treats or toys; it's a tangible representation of your gratitude for the endless love and loyalty your pet showers upon you. As you and your dog delve into this festive treasure, you're not just sharing treats; you're crafting moments that will last a lifetime. The Real Meat Dog Stocking isn't just a gift; it's an integral part of your holiday tradition, a gesture that resonates with love and companionship.