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Wagg Twitch – Small Rodent Muesli 1kg

This complementary feed for small rodents is a meticulously crafted blend, featuring delicious peas, sunflower seeds, and peanuts. Tailored to be a part of a complete dietary regimen, it caters to the unique nutritional needs of small omnivorous rodents. The composition of this feed makes it a perfect choice for those with hearty appetites, ensuring they receive a balanced and satisfying meal. Rich in flavor and texture, it serves as an ideal supplement to vegetables and occasional treats like mealworms or fruit pieces, contributing to a diverse and varied diet. The inclusion of peas offers a source of essential nutrients, while sunflower seeds add a crunchy texture and are a natural source of healthy fats. Peanuts, on the other hand, provide a protein boost and are a favorite among many small rodents. This feed not only satisfies the appetite but also supports overall health, contributing to the well-being of your small pets. It's essential for maintaining the right balance of nutrients in their daily intake, ensuring they stay happy and active. Moreover, the variety of ingredients in this feed helps stimulate their natural foraging behavior, adding an enriching aspect to their feeding experience.