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Burgess Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse Food 750g

Burgess Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse offers a nutritionally balanced food formulated with only the highest-quality ingredients, mirroring the natural diet of your cherished pets. This carefully crafted food blend is designed to promote their overall happiness and well-being, while also preventing selective feeding, ensuring that they receive a well-rounded diet with each meal. The extra-tasty nuggets go beyond just being delicious; they also contribute to the health of your pets' skin and coat, giving them a glossy appearance that radiates vitality. Burgess Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse food is created without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, prioritizing the health and purity of the ingredients. Suitable for all adult hamsters, gerbils, and mice, this food caters to their specific dietary requirements. Key ingredients include Wholegrain Wheat, Wholegrain Barley, Wheat Feed, Dried Peas (8.5%), Grass Meal, Linseed (4.5%), Soya Oil, Minerals, Pea Protein, and Yeast (Brewer’s Yeast and Grains). Choose Burgess Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse to provide your beloved small pets with a nutritionally balanced and wholesome diet that enhances their overall health and happiness. With carefully selected ingredients, we ensure that your pets receive top-quality nutrition for a vibrant and active life. Your pets deserve nothing but the best, and that's precisely what we offer.