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Black Pudding Sticks

Jumbo Sausages offer a unique, nutritious treat for dogs, crafted with 95% fresh meat. Produced in a state-of-the-art facility in Lancashire, these sausages are infused with essential vitamins and minerals, supporting optimal muscle development. They are formulated to be grain and gluten-free, catering to dietary needs and sensitivities. Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, including puppies, Jumbo Sausages provide a special addition to a pet's diet, ensuring they receive a delicious, high-quality source of nutrition. This product stands out for its commitment to health, taste, and quality, making it an excellent choice for pet owners seeking to enhance their dog's mealtime with something exceptionally special and beneficial.

Dried Beef Liver 100g

Dried Beef Liver is the perfect natural dog treat to keep your best friend in tip-top condition. This delicious snack is not only grain and gluten free, but also high in protein with added probiotics to support your dog's immune system.

Jurassic Bone

Say farewell to pet boredom with the Roast Whole Bone (Jurassic), a dog chew that not only serves as a natural toothbrush but also provides mental stimulation for your larger, more vigorous chewers. This single-ingredient marvel is designed to keep your beloved canine companion engaged while promoting their dental health. Our dedication to sourcing and producing the finest UK bones is evident in the Roast Whole Bone (Jurassic). Each bone is thoughtfully selected and meticulously roasted, reflecting our commitment to quality and purity. It's a grain and gluten-free option, ensuring that your pup enjoys a wholesome and delicious distraction without any unnecessary additives. For dogs that relish a satisfying chew, the Roast Whole Bone (Jurassic) is a true delight. Its slow-roasted goodness not only satisfies their natural desire to chew but also contributes to dental hygiene by naturally cleaning their teeth and gums. This means healthier teeth and fresher breath for your furry friend. Nova Dog Chews believes that every dog deserves the best, and the Roast Whole Bone (Jurassic) delivers exactly that. It's a straightforward yet highly effective solution for keeping your dog engaged, mentally stimulated, and content. Choose the Roast Whole Bone (Jurassic) to provide your larger, more active chewer with a natural, delectable, and mentally stimulating treat. Watch your dog bid boredom goodbye as they relish this exceptional one-ingredient dog chew that cares for their dental health and fulfills their chewing instincts.  

Roasted Knuckle Bone

Looking for a natural, delicious treat for your larger pup? Our Roasted Knuckle Bone is made of single-ingredient British beef knuckle bone, locally sourced and slowly roasted to give your dog a delicious, long-lasting treat that also promotes healthy teeth and gums. High in protein and grain & gluten free, this chew is sure to provide your pup with endless hours of mental stimulation. Buy in bulk or as a single bone - the choice is yours!