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Henry Bell No Grow Wild Bird Mix 12.55kg

This unique bird food mix presents a specially formulated blend, consisting of seeds ingeniously designed not to sprout in gardens. Abundant in bite-sized morsels, it includes sunflower hearts, peanuts, and suet pellets, making it an appealing and nutritious choice for wild birds. This no-grow feature is particularly beneficial for gardeners, as it ensures a tidy outdoor space free from unwanted plant growth. The rich composition of sunflower hearts offers a high-energy food source, ideal for sustaining birds throughout the year. Peanuts contribute essential fats and proteins, vital for the birds' health, especially during colder months. Suet pellets, packed with energy, are especially appealing during breeding seasons and winter, providing an extra boost of nourishment. This bird food mix is versatile in its use, suitable for different feeding methods. It's perfect for ground feeding, which attracts a variety of ground-feeding birds. Alternatively, it can be placed on bird tables, attracting a diverse range of species. For those who prefer feeder-based feeding, this mix is also an excellent choice, compatible with most types of bird feeders.