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Bestpets Cat Litter Lightweight 30Ltr

Quickly absorbs moisture and controls unpleasant odours. Lightweight cat litter helps to keep your pet happy and healthy, and its effective absorption also makes it very hygienic.

Cats Best Original Clumping Cat Litter 13kg

Cats Best Smart Pellets Europe's no. 1 plant-based cat litter.

Catsan 20ltr

We love our cats, but their litter trays? Not when they get grimy and smelly. But with Catsan™ Hygiene Plus Litter, the unique fine-pored mineral granules lock in odours and bacteria and are 99.7% dust-free. Made from 100% natural lime and quartz sand, perfect for sensitive paws, the clean white colour not only looks hygienic but also helps in detecting changes in your cat’s urine, which can indicate health issues.

Extra Select Hygiene Cat Litter 20L

There is nothing cats love more than cleanliness and freshness. Keep your cats litter box hygienic and clean by using Extra Select Hygiene Litter. Our Extra Select Hygienic cat litter is made from very fine and pourous hygiene granules which is manufactured from natural quartz sand & lime. This means liquid is absorbed very quickly, like a sponge.

Extra Select Premium Wood Cat Litter 30ltr

Extra Select Premium Cat Litter pine fresh wood pellets. Extra Select Premium Cat LItter is produced from reclaimed timber, no new trees or deforestation were involved in the production of this product so is environmentally friendly.  

Fresh Paws Wood Cat Litter 30ltr

Fresh paws Wood Pellet Cat Litter is made from 100% British softwood.

Kittyfriend Clumping 20ltr

Kittyfriend Clumping is a traditional clumping cat litter. It forms clumps to aid easy removal of used litter. This not only saves time and effort, but also is exceedingly economical as only the used litter is removed.