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Barking Bakery – Doggy Cheesy Pupcorn Bag

This Pupcorn is created from delightfully crunchy puffs of cheesy flavored popped corn, free from MSG, offering a fun and tasty treat for dogs. Its unique texture and appealing taste make it an excellent choice for various uses, including as a dog training aid or as a low-calorie treat to pamper your pet. The shelf life of this Pupcorn is an impressive 12 months, ensuring lasting freshness and convenience. This long shelf life makes it a practical addition to any dog owner's pantry, ready to be used whenever needed. It is important to note that this treat should be fed only as a treat, reward, or training aid. To maintain a balanced diet, these treats should be included as a part of your dog's daily food intake. Pupcorn is not recommended for puppies under 3 months old. Additionally, it's essential to keep this product out of the reach of young children and to remember that it is not intended for human consumption.

Barking Bakery – Doggy Cookies

This delightful treat is crafted from a vanilla-flavored, dog-safe cake mix, ensuring a delicious and safe snacking experience for your canine companion. Each treat is adorned with a super fun crunchy bone, adding an extra layer of texture and enjoyment for your dog. The commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility is evident in the packaging. Each treat is encased in a super clean, food-grade clamshell container. This packaging is 100% recyclable, aligning with eco-friendly values. Additionally, it's made with a minimum of 80% recycled plastic, further emphasizing a commitment to sustainability. Please be mindful that, as a handmade product, there may be variations in design and colors compared to the image shown. These variations make each treat unique, adding a personal touch to your dog's snack. The combination of delicious flavor, engaging texture, and environmentally conscious packaging makes these treats a thoughtful choice for pet owners who value quality and sustainability.

Barking Bakery – Domuttz

These handmade donuts, crafted specifically for dogs, offer a delightful twist on the classic doughnut. Made from a vanilla sponge base, these treats are hand-decorated by skilled bakers using only the finest human-grade ingredients, ensuring a high-quality, delicious treat for your canine friend. Each donut is a labor of love, meticulously adorned to create a visually appealing and mouth-watering snack. Ideal for a range of occasions – from picnics and parties to walks or simply as a way to indulge your beloved pup – these donuts serve as the ultimate treat for any dog. Understanding the importance of sustainability, these dog-friendly donuts are packed in a brand-new clear pod, made from 80% recycled plastic. Not only does this packaging keep the treats fresh and safe, but it's also fully recyclable, aligning with eco-friendly practices. Please be aware that, as a handmade product, each donut may vary in decoration and design from the image shown. This variance adds to the charm and uniqueness of each treat, ensuring that your dog receives a snack that's as special and individual as they are. These donuts are more than just a treat; they're a testament to quality and care, promising a delightful experience for your furry friend.

Barking Bakery – Mini Iced Trios

This Trio of vanilla sponge mini woofins presents a delightful treat for dogs, each meticulously decorated with a splash of famous yoghurt topping in three flavors: classic vanilla, rich carob, and playful pink. The finishing touch on each mini woofin is a crunchy bone biscuit, making them not only visually appealing but also irresistibly tasty for your canine companion. The woofins are encased in adorable paw print muffin wrappers, adding an extra layer of charm to these gourmet treats. The vanilla sponge base provides a soft and moist texture that dogs love, complementing the creamy yoghurt topping. The variety of topping flavors ensures that each woofin offers a unique taste experience, catering to the diverse preferences of different dogs. To maintain the freshness and quality of these treats, they are packaged in a bone-themed clear travel pod. This packaging is made from 80% recycled plastic, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and environmental care. The pod is designed to be super clean, ensuring the treats remain hygienic and are protected during transport or storage.

Barking Bakery – Mini Uniced Trios

This delightful Trio of vanilla sponge mini woofins offers a special treat for dogs, each one beautifully finished with a crunchy bone biscuit. The treats are nestled in charming paw print muffin wrappers, adding a touch of whimsy to these canine delicacies. Each woofin is a masterpiece of flavor, baked to perfection to ensure a soft, spongey texture that dogs find irresistible. The vanilla essence adds a subtle sweetness, making each bite a joyous experience for your pet. Topped with a dog-friendly crunchy bone biscuit, these treats not only look appealing but also provide an enjoyable crunch, adding variety to your dog's snack time. The packaging is as thoughtful as the treats themselves. Encased in a bone-themed clear travel pod, the woofins are kept safe and fresh. This pod is made from 80% recycled plastic, highlighting a commitment to environmental responsibility. It's designed to be super clean, ensuring the treats remain hygienic and ready to eat, whether at home or on the go.

Barking Bakery – Vanilla Woofin with Pink Frosting

A single Vanilla Woofin with Pink Frosting cupcake treat, something really pawsome. made to share or for the larger of our furry friends... Our light sponge, topped with a tail-swishing swirl of famous yoghurt frosting and decorated with crunchy doggy bone biscuit and edible disc in a paw print muffin wrapper.

Barking Bakery – Yoghurt Heart Shaped Drops

The Barking Bakery Doggy Yoghurt Heart Shaped Drops serve as the perfect bite-sized treats to pamper your dog. These treats are meticulously crafted by expert in-house bakers, utilizing a carefully formulated recipe that is sure to be adored by all canine companions. Each treat is shaped into a charming heart, reflecting not only the love shared between owners and their pets but also adding a touch of whimsy to treat time. The ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they are food safe and meet the high standards set by Defra, guaranteeing quality and safety for your pet. These yoghurt drops are versatile, making them the ideal treat for various occasions. Whether it's a celebration, a regular walk, or a training session, these treats fit seamlessly into any activity, adding a bit of joy and flavor to your dog's day. They are recognized as some of the best in the market, thanks to their high-quality ingredients and delightful taste.