Our Bird category offers everything you need to care for your feathered friend. Explore a wide range of bird food, toys, and accessories designed to keep your pet happy and healthy. From nutritious birdseed blends to engaging toys and comfy perches, you’ll find all the essentials to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your avian companion. Shop now to ensure your bird gets the best care and attention it deserves.

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Armitage – Sandsheet No6 Red

Kagesan sandsheets to fit cage size 17" x 11" (43cm x 28cm). Pack contains 5 sheets

Bestpets Special Budgie 20kg

A complementary feed for budgerigars. A blend of specially selected high quality seeds providing a healthy complementary food for budgerigars, nutritionally, providing a good source of carbohydrate, oil and protein.

Bird Sand 3kg

Specially selected and graded superfine bird sand with added oyster shell. Suitable for all types of aviary and cage birds including Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Finches & Parrots for use on the floor of cages and aviaries to enable easy cleaning. The added oyster shell aids digestion and provides essential trace elements and minerals.

Carnival Parrot Toy

Made from rope and wood, the Carnival parrot toy, is ideal for encouraging natural chewing, shredding and playing instincts as well as helping to prevent unwanted feather plucking.

Cuttlefish Bones

Classic Cuttlebones supply an essential calcium supplement and other trace minerals to a bird's diet; as well as providing exercise, stimulation and helping to prevent boredom; they are the best thing for maintaining beak and claws in tip top, sharp and trim condition.

Johnson’s Bird Fruity Biscuits

A tasty & healthy treat for all types of pet birds

Johnson’s Bird Fruity Stick

A natural and wholesome treat with selected seeds and honey. Enriched with various fruits including apple, banana, raisins and currants.

Johnson’s Bird Nut & Honey Stick

A natural and wholesome treat with selected seeds and honey. Enriched with various fruits including apple, banana, raisins and currants.

Johnson’s Cage Bird Vitamin Tonic 15ml

New improved formula now contains a blend of essential multi-vitamins and is a valuable regular supplement for all cage birds, to promote and maintain good health, vitality, fine plumage and resistant to ailments.

Johnson’s Cod Liver Oil Capsules 40 Capsules

A natural conditioner and dietary supplement which provides vitamins A, D and E.  For dogs, cats, cage birds, pigeons etc.

Johnson’s Honey Rings 25g

A natural and wholesome treat with selected seeds and honey. Specially designed ring shape to fit on a perch.

Johnson’s Iodised Condition Peks

Ingredients: Contains iodine, grits, seaweed extract, calcium and yeast.

Johnson’s Nut & Honey Bells for Cockatiels & Parrots 50g

A natural and wholesome treat with selected seeds, nuts, cereals etc, Enriched with honey.

Johnston & Jeff – Budgerigar Seed 1kg

Continental Budgerigar is a highly nutritious base mix that has a great balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats and fibre.

Johnston & Jeff – Canary Seed 1kg

This canary blend provides a range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for your birds, as well as a great balance of proteins and fats.

Johnston & Jeff – Finch Seed 1kg

Johnston & Jeff - Finch Seed presents the British Finch blend, a top-tier bird feed mix specially tailored for finches. Far from being just another bird feed, this blend is a symphony of nutrition and natural goodness, meticulously formulated to meet the diverse dietary requirements of finches. Central to this blend are natural groats, renowned for their rich protein and fiber content, ensuring that the essential nutrients vital for finch growth and vitality are always available. What sets Johnston & Jeff - Finch Seed apart is its inclusion of an impressive mix of about 30 naturally occurring wild seeds and grasses. These aren't just any seeds; they're nutrient-dense and replete with trace elements that mirror finches' natural foraging habits. These trace elements are invaluable, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the peak health and vitality of your finches. Choosing Johnston & Jeff - Finch Seed means offering more than just food to your finches. It means gifting them a well-balanced diet designed specifically for their unique needs. This blend promises a rich spectrum of nutrients and trace elements, all encapsulated in one delectable package. So, when it's time to feed your finches, reach for Johnston & Jeff - Finch Seed. You'll be not only feeding but also cherishing their well-being, catering to their innate instincts, and ensuring they flourish. It's the epitome of British bird feeding, designed with care and expertise.

Leucillin Antiseptic Spray

Leucillin is specially formulated for the health and skincare of your animal and has proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal Technology. Suitable for use on all mammals, birds and reptiles; Leucillin is an innovative, reliable and affordable solution for a wide variety of skin types. Leucillin out-performs other products with its ability to kill up to 99.99999% of germs. Leucillin is used to clean and flush minor wounds, Leucillin is soothing to sensitive skin, yet provides you with a powerful solution.

Nature First Rope Bridge Perch

A rope bridge perch with 3 carabiners to hang from the birdcage

Parrot Bumper Bars

Extra-large sized treat bars. Wholesome treat with selected seeds, nuts etc. Enriched with honey.

Parrot Bumper Bells

Large treat bells. Wholesome treat with selected seeds, nuts etc. Enriched with honey.