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Beaphar Finger Toothbrush

For dogs and cats, the Beaphar Finger Toothbrush is part of a gold standard approach to oral hygiene. Designed for pets that are new to toothbrushing, this soft, silicone brush fits over your finger for a gentle but accurate approach to dental hygiene. The silicon bristles are easy to clean afterwards, and the finger toothbrushes come in a handy double pack.

Beaphar Liver Flavoured Tooth Gel for Cats & Dogs 100g


Beaphar Tooth Gel for Dogs and Cats provides daily protection for teeth without using a brush. The gel contains advanced enzymes to help fight plaque, bacteria and tartar build-up, reducing the need for dental treatment. Great for pets that aren’t happy having their teeth brushed

Beaphar Plaque Away 250ml

For dogs and cats, Beaphar Plaque Away, when added to your pet’s daily drinking water, provides complementary dental care to enhance oral health and fresher breath. This enzyme formulation helps fight plaque, reducing the need for expensive dental treatment.

Bugalugs – Antibacterial Dental Spray 200ml

Bugalugs Anti-bacterial Dental Spray is a clinically proven advanced oral solution utilising hypochlorous acid, nature’s disinfectant that is produced by your pet’s immune system. Dental spray kills 99.99% of bad breath causing bacteria. Dermatologically tested, pH balanced and hypoallergenic, our natural antiseptic dental spray is alcohol and fragrance free. Suitable for use on dogs, cats, horses, birds and all other small animals.

Johnson’s Toothpaste – Beef 50g

Triple action toothpaste to clean teeth & gums which protects against plaque and tartar.

Johnson’s Toothpaste – Chicken 50g

Triple action toothpaste to clean teeth & gums which protects against plaque and tartar.

Petkin Liquid Oral Care 240ml

Cleans teeth, gums & freshens breath - Cleans plaque and tartar

VetIQ 2 in 1 Denti-Care 250ml

VetIQ® 2in1 Denti-Care liquid has been specially formulated to give your pet the very best oral care and help maintain good dental health. The active ingredient, Pomegranate extract (Punica Granatum), is a natural plant extract which has been mainly proven to reduce dental plaque. It’s easy to use and no more brushing is required. Simply add to your pets water bowl daily to be consumed through their normal water intake.

VETIQ 2in1 Denti-care Granules 60g

Vet IQ 2in1 Denti-Care Granules is a unique blend of natural ingredients which works with a pet’s natural cleansing mechanism to reduce oral bacteria and freshen a pet’s breath. VetIQ 2in1 Denti-Care Granules is a tasty highly digestible powder which can be sprinkled over or mixed through food and contains seaweed which helps normal salivary gland function to help reduce oral bacteria, natural antioxidant pomegranate extract to support the immune function and peppermint oil to help freshen breath. Suitable for cats and dogs from 12 weeks of age.

VetIQ Teething Gel Puppies 50g

VETIQ’s Teething Gel helps reduce the amount of chewing a puppy may need to do to ease the pain during teething. VetIQ’s Teething Gel contains chamomile, peppermint and clove oils when combined have analgesic properties to reduce pain and antibacterial properties known to reduce tenderness and help soothe sore gums during teething.