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Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Cats

Every year the enchanting fairy cat grants their fellow felines a Christmas wish. It is after all, their favourite time of year.

Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs

Every year, a sweet little drummer dog excitedly counts down to Christmas with a beat of a drum

Lily’s Kitchen An English Garden Party 400g

Your dog will love this party in a tin! We're certain they’ll be pleased as punch to be served up this lovely grain free, nutritionally complete recipe.
Brimming with succulent, fresh chicken, and complemented by summery strawberries and freshly prepared garden vegetables, this is the perfect recipe to enjoy throughout the springtime.

Lily’s Kitchen Beef Goulash 400g

An irresistible, hearty, complete recipe made with freshly prepared beef.
Each scrumptious serving is packed full of wholesome, tasty vegetables -pumpkin, spinach (contains lots of dietary fibre for healthy digestion) and red peppers (packed with Vitamins A, C and E). We also add in our unique blend of healthy herbs to give your dog some extra goodness in their meal. This recipe is carefully crafted using natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals. Full of real, top notch freshly prepared meat and vegetables, it's completely free from nasty meat meals and fillers.

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken & Salmon Nibbles 70g

Let the training begin! Packed full of lip-lickingly delicious, proper meat, your pup will be doing all the tricks in no time with these nibbles!

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken & Turkey Casserole 150g

This complete recipe is a truly delicious dish, made with fresh chicken and turkey, plus brown rice, vegetables and fruits - apples, broccoli, peas and blueberries - and healthy herbs.

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken & Turkey Casserole 400g

This truly delicious dish is a nutritionally complete recipe, made with fresh chicken and turkey, brown rice, heaps of vegetables and fruits - apples, broccoli, peas and blueberries - and our unique blend of herbs.
Plus, we’ve added all the essential vitamins and minerals your pet needs for a truly healthy and nutritious diet. According to lovely feedback from our customers, dogs positively glow with health from eating this food!

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky 70g

Tasty, tender, golden treats packed with proper meat – your dog will really think they’ve hit the jerky jackpot when you open these!

Lily’s Kitchen Chomp Away Chicken Bites 70g

These brilliant little bites are bursting with mouth watering proper meat that makes dogs jump for joy!

Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Three Bird Feast 400g

Christmas dinner. It’s really THE dinner of the year isn’t it? And not just for us two-legged folk.

Lily’s Kitchen Classics Multipack 6 x 150g

Treat your dog to a whole menu of our classic recipes with this mixed pack of 6 of our smaller trays.

Lily’s Kitchen Coronation Chicken 150g

A warm welcome back for this old favourite! A gloriously grain free recipe made with fresh chicken and bursting with juicy fruits, vibrant veg and aromatic spice for an exotic touch of opulence.