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Burns Original Fish & Brown Rice 12kg

Elevate your dog's diet with the Original Fish & Brown Rice formula, meticulously crafted by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns MBE. This nutrition powerhouse boasts elevated Omega-3 and Omega-6 levels, delivering remarkable benefits to your canine companion's skin and coat. The formula relies on an uncomplicated, nutritious lineup, featuring IFFO certified fish, brown rice, peas, and salmon oil, ensuring your dog receives vital nutrients for optimal thriving. Expect a tail-waggingly delightful experience that is both healthful and nourishing. Burns diets uphold a strict exclusion of common food intolerance triggers, such as beef, wheat, soy, and dairy. Artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives find no place in this natural and comprehensive diet. Crafted by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns, it stands as a hypoallergenic, highly digestible option, ideal for sensitive dogs, and dedicated to fostering their all-round health and vitality. This diet represents an impeccable choice to support your beloved canine's well-being, with the expertise of John Burns MBE backing every bite.

Burns Original Lamb & Brown Rice 12kg

Introducing Original Lamb & Brown Rice, a premium formula meticulously crafted by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns MBE. Designed with your dog's optimal health in mind, this blend combines the nutritional benefits of lamb with the wholesome goodness of brown rice. Each serving offers elevated Omega-3 and Omega-6 levels, which are crucial for a radiant skin and coat. At its core, Original Lamb & Brown Rice relies on an uncomplicated lineup of ingredients, ensuring your dog receives the vital nutrients they need without the addition of common food intolerance triggers such as beef, wheat, soy, and dairy. Artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives are purposefully excluded from this blend. John Burns MBE's dedication to canine health shines through in Original Lamb & Brown Rice, making it not only hypoallergenic but also highly digestible, especially for sensitive dogs. Choose this balanced diet for a meal that underscores the importance of quality and well-being. With every bite, your dog gets the best of Original Lamb & Brown Rice, backed by the expertise and commitment of John Burns MBE.

Burns Sensitive & Grain Free Cat Duck & Potato 300g

Burns Sensitive Cat Duck & Potato is a complete, grain free, hypoallergenic cat food diet that is suitable for both adult and senior cats. The combination of highly digestible ingredients such as duck, potato and buckwheat has created not only a grain free diet but is suitable for cats with digestive and food sensitivities. The recipe contains natural, novel ingredients which help to avoid common food allergens such as beef and dairy. This complete, balanced diet contains all 11 essential amino acids required for cats to help maintain a healthy body inside and out.