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Beef Tails

A 100% digestible dog chew for dogs of all sizes. High in protein, low in carbohydrates & hypoallergenic. For dogs 8 weeks old and above.

Beef Trachea

Introducing 100% Natural Beef Trachea, a wholesome treat that's as pure as it gets for your beloved canine companion. Made exclusively from 100% beef, this treat contains no bones, making it a safe and healthy choice for dogs of all sizes and breeds. The Beef Trachea is a testament to nature's goodness. Sourced from the highest-quality beef, it offers a natural chew that satisfies your dog's instinctive cravings while also being gentle on their stomach. This treat is free from artificial additives, preservatives, or fillers, ensuring that your dog enjoys a pure and untainted snack. Hypoallergenic in nature, the Beef Trachea is an excellent option for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. It provides a delicious and easily digestible alternative that won't upset their delicate systems. This treat is not just a tasty indulgence; it's a nutritious delight that supports your dog's overall health and well-being. Chewing on the Beef Trachea can help maintain healthy teeth and gums while providing an engaging and enjoyable pastime for your furry friend. Choose 100% Natural Beef Trachea for a treat that embodies the essence of purity and simplicity. It's a wholesome, hypoallergenic, and all-natural option that allows you to pamper your dog with the best that nature has to offer. Treat your canine companion to the goodness of pure beef, and watch their tail wag with delight.

Black Pudding Sticks

Jumbo Sausages offer a unique, nutritious treat for dogs, crafted with 95% fresh meat. Produced in a state-of-the-art facility in Lancashire, these sausages are infused with essential vitamins and minerals, supporting optimal muscle development. They are formulated to be grain and gluten-free, catering to dietary needs and sensitivities. Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, including puppies, Jumbo Sausages provide a special addition to a pet's diet, ensuring they receive a delicious, high-quality source of nutrition. This product stands out for its commitment to health, taste, and quality, making it an excellent choice for pet owners seeking to enhance their dog's mealtime with something exceptionally special and beneficial.

Buffalo Ears

Our high protein, all natural Paddock Farm Buffalo Ears are a leaner and healthier alternative to Beef or Pork. This meaty snack will keep dogs chewing for longer.

Buffalo Tails

Nothing beats the real deal. Our Buffalo Tails are the perfect natural, high-protein, high-value treat for your dog. Sourced from free-range, hormone-free buffalo, these tasty snacks are a leaner, healthier alternative to pork or beef. High in Omega 3 to help maintain a healthy heart and with no additives or preservatives these tasty chews also support good dental hygiene as well as encouraging mental stimulation. Suitable for dogs over 4 months of age. Always make sure there’s a fresh bowl of drinking water available.

Bully Pizzle Sticks

Introducing a chew that your furry friend will love: a long-lasting, all-natural treat that's perfect for dogs aged 12 weeks and up. This chew isn't just a tasty delight; it's also a wholesome choice to keep your dog happy and healthy. Made from high-quality, natural ingredients, this chew satisfies your dog's natural urge to chew while providing essential nutrients. Say goodbye to worries about artificial additives or preservatives because this treat is free from them, ensuring it's a safe and nutritious option for your pet. What sets this chew apart is its durability, ensuring it'll keep your dog entertained and engaged for a long time. Whether your dog is a young pup or a seasoned adult, this chew is suitable for various ages and sizes, making it a versatile addition to your pet's daily routine. In a nutshell, this long-lasting, nutritious natural chew is specially designed for dogs aged 12 weeks and older. It's a treat that not only keeps them happily occupied but also supports their overall health. Choose this all-natural chew to provide your canine companion with a wholesome and satisfying treat that takes care of their oral health and satisfies their natural instincts.

Camel Skin

An extra tough, long lasting, hypoallergenic natural chew for dogs.

Cerea Rice Bone

The Cerea Rice Bone presents a fully edible and easily digestible treat option for dogs. As a vegetarian and all-natural snack, it is specially designed to not only please the palate but also to promote oral health in dogs. Its unique formulation helps to freshen breath and minimize the buildup of plaque and tartar on canine teeth. These treats are crafted to ensure a texture that is both appealing and functional. The consistency of the Cerea Rice Bone allows dogs to grip and chew it easily, making it an enjoyable experience for them. This chewing action is beneficial as it aids in the natural cleaning process of the teeth, helping to maintain dental hygiene. The all-natural composition of the Cerea Rice Bone ensures that it is a healthy treat option. Being vegetarian, it is suitable for dogs with various dietary preferences or restrictions. The treat's digestibility is an added advantage, making it a safe and comfortable choice for dogs of all ages and sizes. Overall, the Cerea Rice Bone is more than just a treat; it's a contribution to the dog's dental health and overall well-being. It provides a delightful and beneficial chewing experience, making it a valuable addition to any dog's daily routine.

Chomping Twists Chicken

A complementary pet food for small breed dogs over 6 months.

Cow Ear

Cow Ears are a great alternative to the Pigs ears

Dogsee Chew Bars with Tumeric

Elevate your furry friends' daily routine with these exceptional, long-lasting natural dog chews, crafted to provide both delectable flavor and essential nourishment. These unique cow and yak cheese hard chews for dogs are derived from the highest-quality cow and yak milk churpi, carefully sourced from the pristine Himalayan region and artfully smoke-dried for an impressive 35 days, resulting in a tantalizing hardness that dogs will love. These vegetarian dog treats not only cater to your dog's taste buds but also serve as an effective ally in dental care. Their hard texture aids in the battle against plaque and tartar buildup, promoting optimal oral health. Moreover, their rich flavor contributes to maintaining your canine companion's breath as fresh as a mountain breeze. Beyond their delicious taste and dental benefits, these chews offer a wealth of health advantages. They are rich in curcumin from turmeric, a potent natural compound celebrated for its immunity-supporting properties, anti-inflammatory qualities, and abundant antioxidants. By incorporating these chews into your dog's daily routine, you're providing a holistic approach to their well-being. These long-lasting natural dog chews are a testament to the Himalayan tradition of crafting premium chews with care and expertise. Your doggos will not only relish the delightful flavors but also reap the numerous health benefits. Make these chews a part of your dog's daily regimen, and watch as they enjoy optimal oral health, fresher breath, and a boost in overall vitality. Choose these extraordinary chews, and let your dogs experience the magic of the Himalayas with every savory bite.