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Beaphar Ear Cleaner 50ml

Beaphar Ear Cleaner is specially formulated to aid the removal of ear wax and other debris from your cat or dog’s ear canal. This gentle, but effective ear cleaner is alcohol-free and will not irritate the ear. Beaphar Ear Cleaner contains cetrimide to provide a mild antiseptic action, along with cooling menthol to soothe any skin irritation in the ear.

Beaphar Eye Gel

Sterile liquid gel to soothe and relieve dry and irritated eyes. Lubricates the cornea, helping the eye to naturally clean dust and debris away. Contains Vitamin A to help protect and repair the surface of the eye. Suitable for all animals, big and small.

Bugalugs – Antiseptic Ear Drops 200ml

Relieve ears affected by pollutants and irritants whilst killing 99.99% of germs with our antiseptic, pH balanced Antiseptic Ear Drops.

Bugalugs – Antiseptic Eye Drops 200ml

Flush out eye irritants with Bugalugs Antiseptic Ear Drops is a clinically proven advanced solution utilising hypochlorous acid, nature’s disinfectant. Dermatologically tested and Hypoallergenic, our natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal eye drops are none irritating, yet strong enough to kill all types of harmful pathogens and 99.99% of germs.

Johnson’s Clean ‘n’ Safe Eye & Ear Wipes 30pk

Safe, gentle and hygienic and PH balanced wipes. Specially formulated for eyes and ears of dogs, cats and small animals.

Johnson’s Ear Cleanser 18ml

For regular cleaning of the ears. Softens and aids removal of wax and other debris from ear canal. Antibacterial. For dogs and cats.

Johnson’s Ear Drops 15ml

(Dropper Bottle) Contains natural Pyrethrum to kill ear mites. Also softens wax, soothes irritation and assists healing. For dogs and cats.

Petkin Mega Wipes 125pk

Pet Wipes offer a quick and effortless solution for maintaining your pet's cleanliness on a daily basis. Each of these extra soft wipes is soaked in a natural formula, specifically designed to uphold your pet's hygiene and health. The gentle composition of the wipes makes them suitable for daily use, ensuring your pet remains clean and comfortable. Crafted with care, these wipes are safe for use around sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears, face, and body, providing a thorough clean without causing irritation. The natural ingredients in the formula help in gently removing dirt, dander, and odors, leaving your pet feeling fresh and well-groomed. These wipes are perfect for a variety of pets and are especially useful for those quick clean-ups between baths or after outdoor activities. They are also incredibly handy during travel, ensuring your pet stays clean irrespective of the setting. The convenience of these wipes extends beyond their use, as they are easy to carry and can be effortlessly disposed of after use.

Petkin Valu-Pak Wipes 60pk

Pet Wipes provide a fast, convenient way to keep your pet clean everyday. Each extra soft pet wipe is moistened with a natural formula that helps maintain a clean and healthy pet. Gentle enough to use every day around pet's eyes, ears, face, and body.Key Features: