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Ancol Made From Recycle Plastic Poop Bags 60pk

Our Made from range is designed to recycle plastic that would otherwise be ocean bound into fun new products for your pets. This pack includes 4 rolls of Made From poop bags, totaling 60 strong and sturdy bags that are easy to store in pockets and bags on dog walks. Unscented and finished with practical tie handles, this pack contains the equivalent of 3 recycled plastic bottles!

Cat Litter Scoop Aquarelle

Time to clean the litter box again? Our handy will come in handy! Designed to make cleaning easier it has an ergonomic handle making it super user-friendly. Also includes a hang-tab for your in-store retail shelves. As an extra plus our scoop is made of +98% recycled plastic.

Scoop & Sift Warm Grey

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Our signature scoop in a different style? Our v-shaped blades design helps to sift a large amount of litter into a single scoop whilst reducing the amount of dust released in doing so. The handle is safe from touching dirt and cat litter. You can easily hang the scoop on your open litter box.