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Beaphar – FLEAtec Household Flea Spray – 600ml

Beaphar FLEAtec Household Flea Spray kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and other crawling insects. This fast-acting, supersized insecticidal spray rapidly kills fleas, helping to tackle or prevent an active infestation. With 95% of a flea infestation being in the home, you can have peace of mind that long-lasting effect will continue to prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing for up to 6 months.

Canovel Home Blitz! Plus Spray 600ml

Kill Fleas & larvae, House Dust Mites and many other insects in the home, upholstery and pet bedding with Home Blitz Plus spray. 95% of the fleas’ life cycle is spent in the home and not on your pet so it is essential to eradicate fleas from the home, as well as the pet, for effective flea control. Easy to use and one treatment lasts up to 6 months.

Johnson’s 4fleas Household Spray 600ml

Key Features: Contains an Insect Growth Regulator for extra protection. Kills fleas, larvae and other insects. Prevents hatching eggs developing

Johnson’s 4fleas Room Fogger Twin Pack

Room fogger with (I.G.R) contains permethrin, s-methoprene and tetramethrin.