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Johnson’s Clean ‘n’ Safe Eye & Ear Wipes 30pk

Safe, gentle and hygienic and PH balanced wipes. Specially formulated for eyes and ears of dogs, cats and small animals.

Johnson’s Harvest Feast 70g

A wholesome tasty treat of seeds, nuts and cereals. Enriched with honey.

Johnson’s Harvest Munch 70g

A wholesome tasty treat of seeds and nuts. Nutritious cereals and vegetables. Enriched with honey.

Johnson’s Large Sanded Perch Covers x 4

Especially designed fine texture. An essential aid for keeping nails trim and clean. Fits 3/4” (1.9 m) diameter perches

Johnson’s Nut & Honey Bells for Cockatiels & Parrots 50g

A natural and wholesome treat with selected seeds, nuts, cereals etc, Enriched with honey.

Johnson’s Parrot Bumper Rings

Large rings especially designed to fit on perch. Wholesome treat with selected seeds, nuts etc. Enriched with honey

Johnson’s Picnic Treat 50g

Breakable chunks with a mixture of seeds and cereals. Enriched with honey.