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Big Polka Mouse

Key Features: Perfect for batting. Dangle arms and legs for added interest. Contains cat-nip 16cm Length

Classic – Catnip Dynamite

High quality, great interactive cat toy from Classic. Fun, enjoyment and exercise for our feline friends!

Faces ‘N’ Feathers – Butterfly

This Faces 'n' Feathers range is here to give your cat an endless amount of fun. This range includes plush toys all infused with catnip.

Fluffy Mice

Cats have a natural instinct to chase and catch mice; Ancol Furry Mice let cats chase, bite, and bat harmlessly.

Pom Pom Scratching Drum

Key Features: Perfect for batting. Contains a rattle ball to keep them entertained. Also has a sisal mat around the

Unicorn Batter

Key Features: Perfect for batting With multiple textures for interest Contains cat-nip Toy size 6cm approx. Colour of unicorn may

Widlife Rodentz – Squirel

Wildlife Rodentz have a realistic look cats will love to chase. Filled with Catnip, this toy will keep your cat energised and active. Wildlife Rodentz let indoor cats experience the joy of the hunt