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Ancol Ergo Aluminium Comb

Key Features: Ideal to detangle and smooth your pet’s coat Two widths of teeth to detangle and smooth Rounded stainless-steel

Ancol Ergo Hedgehog Slicker

Key Features:  Ideal for smooth, silky, long, short and curly coats. With pins and bristles to groom both the undercoat

Ancol Ergo Knot Buster

Key Features: Perfect for removing knots from long, silky, and curly coats With blade to cut through mats With rounded

Ancol Ergo Stripping Comb

Key Features: Perfect for removing unwanted hair Ideal for wiry, long, curly and silky coats With replaceable, double-sided blade How

Wahl Pet Sheddy Brush

The Wahl Pet Sheddy Brush has a 5-in-1 function for grooming pets' coats. It removes dirt, dead fur, and promotes blood circulation for a shinier coat. The dual-head system works on wet and dry fur, aiding in baths and reducing shampoo usage. The rubber teeth scrub effectively, leaving the skin clean and coat shiny. It is easy to wash and suitable for short to medium hair coats.

Wahl Pocket Pro Pink

The Wahl Pocket Pro is a handy, compact trimmer suitable for use around the face and head or paws. This kit comes complete with two attachment combs which allow you to vary the cutting length as required. The soft touch rubberised finish offers improved grip and comfort whilst in use.

Wahl Thinning Scissors 6.5″

Steel Thinning Scissors ideal for quick thinning of animal coats.