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Key Features:

  • Formulated with premium, select ingredients to ensure optimum nutrition, part of the Vitality Plus range ensuring high quality food and treats for pets.
  • Crunchy, triple baked treats for added strength and intense flavour, Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Sticks are specifically formulated for Budgies, providing balanced nutrition and helping to keep your birds beak trim.
  • Contain tasty ingredients including honey, cereals, seeds and essential vitamins promoting health and vitality, ideal for feeding alongside your birds complete primary diet.
  • Formed onto natural wooden sticks for ease of feeding, Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Sticks come complete with handy cage clips for easy connection to your birds enclosure.
  • They also help alleviate cage boredom, by keeping your bird occupied with a tasty, beneficial treat.
  • Enriched with delicious nutty flavour, these Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Sticks contain tasty Almonds and Fig, a firm favourite providing natural sweetness birds love


Cereals; Seeds; Fruits (Figs Dehydr. 1.5%, Apricots Dehydr.0.92%), Minerals; Derivatives of Vegetable Origin; Honey; Egg And Egg Derivatives; Vegetables; Algae.


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