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This easy-to-use supplement is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Also known to help boost brain activity and aid joint movement. It’s important to note that Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for your pet’s normal growth and development. However, your pet’s body is unable to make them on their own. Therefore, it is important we add them to our dog’s (and cat’s) diet. Daily use of our salmon oil will provide your dog with these essential acids ensuring they are happy and healthy Overall, this healthy Supplement is packed with essential omega oils. These oils strengthen the immune system, support positive cognitive development, and promotes the general well being of your dog (or cat).


100% Scottish salmon

Analytical Constituents:

Fat Content 99.5%, Omega 3, 12,000mg, Omega 6, 15,000mg, Omega 9, 41,000mg, DHA 5000mg, EPA 3500mg. Omega 6 & 3 Ratio 1.25:1.

Feeding Guide:

For dogs of any size, aged 10 weeks and over. For cats of any size, aged 8 weeks and over. Supplement your pet’s diet with these valuable Omega oils. Introduce gradually over a period of 7 days by feeding half the recommended quantity. Increase to the full amount on day 8. Add to your dog or cat’s main meal and mix. One pump is equivalent to 2.5ml or ½ teaspoon. Fresh, clean water should be always available to your pet.

Small 1 to 10kg 0.5 to 1 pump
Medium 11 to 25kg 1 to 2 pumps
Large 26 to 45kg 2 to 5 pumps
Extra Large 45kg+ 5 to 7 pumps

Small ½ pump
Medium/Large 1 pump


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