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Alfalfa Mini Carrots

Nature First Alfalfa Carrot shaped gnaw and toss toys.

Bag ‘O’ Chews

Versatile: have pre drilled holes to fit K bob stick Fruit flavoured for pet appeal  

Chew ‘N’ Play Cardboard Log

Fully digestible for animals Helps to clean teeth Prevents boredom Hay can be hidden in the middle for added fun

Nature Ball with Bell

Can be used as a hideaway or as a toy that can be rolled, tossed and even chewed. Made of

Nature First Grass House – Small

The grassy house is made with natural grass and is ideal for use as a nest and safe to nibble.

Nature First Grassy Carrot

The Happy Pet Natures First Small Pet Grassy Carrot will keep pets entertained for hours! The carrot is made from 100% natural materials making it safe to gnaw and nibble for all small pets. As well as preventing boredom, the grassy toy helps to keep the continuously growing teeth of your small pet worn down as he chews!

Nature First Willow Ball Small

Made from 100% natural willow branches is perfect for any small animal to enjoy.

Nature First Willow Spiral

The perfect natural treat toy for small animals. The Nature First Willow Spiral is 100% natural and provides a healthy boredom breaking treat and nibbly challenge

Nature First Willow Sticks

Made from 100% natural willow branches these sticks are perfect for any small animal to enjoy.2.10

Nature First Willow Tube

The Nature First Willow Tube is perfect for small pets who love to have somewhere sheltered for a sense of privacy.

Nibble Sticks

Colourful and tasty, these fruity flavoured Nibble Sticks from Classic Pet Products are a healthy treat for small pets.

Sisal Carrots & Corn Mini

A great fun addition to any small animals home.