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Animal Dreams – 5 A Day Timothy Hay

High fibre, yet low protein hay with added ingredients.

Friendly Readigrass 1kg

Made exclusively from fields in the heart of Yorkshire and offers a delicious fibre source to keep your small animal

Norah’s Meadow Mix 30g

Norah's range of treats are formulated to be nutritious and wholesome and are ideal either on their own, or scattered to encourage natural foraging behaviour.

Pillow Wad – Meadow Hay 1kg

Dust extracted and un-chopped it is full of various grasses and herbs to provide nutrients and fibre. An essential part of your animal’s diet.

Pillow Wad Timothy Hay 750g

This U.K. sourced feed is high in fibre and low in calcium and protein. Essential elements to keeping your pet’s digestive tract in good health. Un-chopped and dust extracted, the natural abrasive nature helps keep ever growing teeth in check.

Selective – Timothy Hay 2kg

Packed full of natural goodness, Selective Timothy Hay is high in fibre, containing 34%. Hay also has a low energy density, meaning it is low in calories compared to its volume, so you can feed plenty and not worry about your pet putting on too much weight – in fact hay helps make sure that they stay in tip top health and body condition. Our Timothy hay is also naturally low in calcium so your rabbit can enjoy as much of it as they like.