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Animal Dreams Paper Bedding Bale

Hamster paper is can be used for hamsters and other small animals, we also sell it in bale form that people use as bedding for horses and dogs. We have found that this is an excellent substitute for Bales of Shavings, and we highly recommend it as bedding for horses. This is because it is bio-degradable and has non-dust particles and a high absorbency, making it an excellent product for horse bedding. This product is born in the manufacture of tea bags and is the off cuts that are left after the process is completed. It is very good for bedding and is very absorbent.

Graze On 15kg

GRAZE-ON is 100% natural grass grown at our family farm in the Vale of York. Harvested up to five times per year at a highly nutritious stage of growth, the grass is flash dried within hours of leaving the field to lock in nutrients and preserve the colour. Contains all the important minerals and vitamins including Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, Calcium and Phosphorus. •Short chop forage prolongs feeding time, aiding good digestion •High feed value allows concentrate feeding to be reduced •High levels of digestible fibre •Feed alone or as part of a forage ration or to add bulk and fibre to a concentrate ration •Dust extracted •Molasses free

Supabeet Pellets 25kg

Sugar beet is a popular feed for horses and ponies, Soak pellets in water for 24 hours prior to use.