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Beaphar Clicker Trainer

The Beaphar Clicker Trainer is one of the most modern, effective and enjoyable methods available, and suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog. Based on sound scientific principles, it will allow you to effectively communicate with your dog.

COA High Frequency Whistle

The Company of Animals High Frequency Whistle is lightweight and compact with an adjustable pitch – ideal for dog walking and training.

COA Two Tone Whistle

If you want to be able to control two different dogs or train multiple whistle commands, the Company of Animals Two Tone Whistle is the perfect solution. It’s a traditional style whistle that’s able to deliver two different sounds.

Poppets! 200g

Tasty Crunchy Treats. Ideal for reward training Promotes good joint health Hypo-allergenic No artificial colours No artificial flavours No artificial

Salmon Cuts 180g

Fishcuts training treats are made from 100% real fresh Salmon. Highly palatable and nutritious.

Training Finger Clicker

Clicker training is the fun, reward-based method of training that you and your dog will enjoy.

Training Tips 100g

Delicious semi moist 80% meat treats.