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Johnson’s Coat Care Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo grooming powder for dogs & cats. Cleans, deodorises conditions coat & skin.

Johnson’s Skin-Eze Cream 50g

A traditional soothing sulphur cream with other natural ingredients.  

Pet Head – Paw Butter

Keep your pooch buttered up! Our super nourishing paw butter is perfect for keeping cracked skin at bay! Gently massage into paws and noses whenever your pooch needs some extra care.

Salmon Oil 430ml

Beaphar Salmon Oil is a delicious natural supplement suitable for dogs and cats, derived from sustainable fisheries. It is naturally rich in omega 6 and omega 3 oils, which means it is a good source of essential fatty acids.

Skinny Spray 250ml

A highly effective, natural cream that's extremely kind to skin while fleas, ticks, mites ( including mange), lice an flies HATE IT!

Vets Best Bitter Cherry Spray 225ml

Deters from licking and nibbling, strong bitter tasting but with a pleasing smell.