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Ergo – Aluminium Comb

Ideal to detangle and smooth your pet’s coat Two widths of teeth to detangle and smooth Rounded stainless-steel pins for

Ergo – Nail File

The Ancol Ergo Nail File is a strong and long-lasting metal file with a comfortable grip handle. The file can

Ergo – Pin Brush

Ideal for long, wiry, silky, and curly coats Long and gentle pins penetrate the coat gently, easing tangles and removing

Ergo – Undercoat Rake

Effective moulting tool Perfect for heavy-coated breeds Effectively removes loose fur from the undercoat To use the rake, gently brush

Ergo Bristle Brush

A gentle grooming tool for all coat types Perfect to smooth your pet’s coat and remove loose hairs. Soft bristles

Ergo Dog Tick Remover

Safe and simple way of removing ticks Ensures whole tick is removed We are committed to reducing our packaging and

Ergo Grooming Glove

The glove can be used on either hand. To use on dry fur, gently brush the hair in the direction of the fur growth. The knobbles and friction cause by the glove will pull away loose hairs. To ensure your dog has an enjoyable grooming session, start gently. If you dog enjoys the grooming glove, more pressure can be applied to remove more fur. To use on wet fur, massage the coat with the glove; this is ideal for working up a lather with shampoo. Pause or or end the grooming session if your dog becomes agitated. The glove can also be used to effectively remove shed fur from soft furnishings such as carpets and sofas.

Ergo Guillotine Nail Clippers

Simplifies claw trimming Non-slip handle To use, ensure your dog is calm and still. If your dog is new to

Ergo Massage Pad

Soft rubber fingers to give your dog’s skin and coat a thorough massage Rubbery texture effectively whisks away loose hairs

Ergo Mat Splitter

Gently removes mats and tangles With safe design to keep blade away from the skin The Mat Splitter easily slices

Ergo Maxi Knot Buster

Perfect for removing knots from long, silky, and curly coats With blade to cut through mats With rounded edge to

Ergo Nail Clippers – Large

The Ancol Ergo Nail Clippers are made from robust tempered steel for a long-lasting and effective tool. The clippers feature a safety mechanism and an indent in the blade so you can be sure you are trimming the correct amount. The Ergo range from Ancol has a variety of tools to maintain your pet's coat, skin, and claws.