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Johnson’s Puppy / Kitten Shampoo

Non-irritant and specially mild for delicate skin. Beautifies the coat. Suitable for all breeds.   Available in sizes 125ml, 200ml & 5ltr

Pet Head – Felin Good Foam (Cats) – 200ml

A purrrfect clean for furry felines! Our no-rinse foam makes cleaning fuss-free! Massage into fur, towel dry and brush out for a beautifully clean coat.

Pet Head – Felin Good Shampoo (Cats) – 300ml

Oh fur real! Enriched with lemon and strawberry oil, this fabulous, fruity shampoo can get your cuddle buddy’s fur even smoother and silkier. Gently wash your cat, massage the shampoo and rinse well. For great results, towel dry or blow dry.

Pet Head – Felin Good Spray (Cats) – 300ml

Keep your kitty feline fresh! An easy way to freshen up! Spray onto dry coat, let dry and brush out for fabulously clean fur.