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Bob Martin Cat Meadow Litter Freshener 500g

Bob Martin litter freshener is a great way to neutralize nasty smells as well as keeping the tray cleaner.  Simply sprinkle Bob Martin Litter Freshener onto the litter in your cat's litter tray to kill harmful bacteria and greatly reduce nasty odours.

Bob Martin Felight Litter Freshener 300ml

Simply sprinkle Anti-bacterial Litter Freshener onto the litter in your cat’s litter tray to kill 99% of harmful bacteria and greatly reduce nasty odours.

Handy Cat Litter Scoop

Handy is the cat litter scoop that’s designed to make cleaning and life easier! Handy has an ergonomic handle for comfortable use and is easy to clean with warm soapy water. Made out of BPA-free, non-toxic and 100% recyclable premium plastic. Now that’s a cat litter scoop that comes in handy!

Refill Poop Bag Rolls 4×15 Bags

Responsible dog owners can clean up quickly and conveniently with the Ancol Refill Waste Bags. Designed to perfectly fit in the Ancol Poop Torch or Ancol Poop Bag Dispenser, the pack contains 4 rolls with 15 bags in each, enough for 60 clean ups. These thick waste bags are biodegradable to lessen your dog's impact on the environment.

Simple Solution Cat Litter Fresh Granules 600g

Simple Solution Cat Litter Freshener is for use on any type of cat litter. Naturally based granulated formula with a hint of spring breeze fragrance. Pro-bacteria Formula is activated when your cat uses the litter tray Helps eliminate unwanted odours to ensure litter tray acceptance. Effective against Urine & Faeces Odours to keep your home smelling fresh. Long Lasting Odour Neutralising Technology