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Dreamies Gift Box

The perfect gift for any cat lover, Dreamies Christmas Gift Box Cat Treats includes Snacky Elf Cat Toy and 10 packs of 30g treats (Chicken 3x, Cheese 3x, Salmon 2x, Beef 2x). Simply fill Snacky Elf Toy with tasty Dreamies treats and watch your cat try everything to get their paws on them. So go on, give the bag a shake and watch your cat come running! The Dreamies for cats brand believes life with a cat should be fun-filled. We love our felines' individual personalities and their independence, so rewarding your cat with Dreamies cat treats is a great way to bring out the fun-loving side of your cat everyday.

Felix Goodybag Christmas Tin

Felix is spreading mischief far and wide with this collectable Christmas Tin, full of tasty treats! The best way to treat your feline friend this festive holiday!