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Dreamies Christmas Gift Box

Dual textured cat treats irresistible to cats, Deliciously crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Felix Christmas Stocking

We use a combination of nutrients including vitamins to help keep your cat healthy and happy, Exciting shapes and colours in every pack - with 4 yummy flavours to choose from inside!, Mouth-watering flavours and crunchy textures packed in a convenient bag for your cat to enjoy, A yummy complementary pet food your cat will love morning, noon and night!

Felix Goodybag Christmas Tin

Felix is spreading mischief far and wide with this collectable Christmas Tin, full of tasty treats! The best way to treat your feline friend this festive holiday!

Hatchwell Advent Calendar for Cats

Hatchwells advent calendar for cats is made with a delicious yoghurt and catnip mix that cats find irresistible. Each treat is breakable into four bite size pieces – giving everyone in the family the chance to treat their feline friend! Made in GB.

Kong Laser Teaser Light

Interactive laser, a proven winner with cats. Enticing motion encourages active play. Colourful teaser for added fun

Kong Purrty Animal

Pull the inner “hidden” flaps outside of the toy. Insert/replace catnip. Tuck flaps back in and press firmly to seal.

Meow Cat-nip Advent

Meowee! Cat Advent Calendar with delicious cat-nippy treats behind every door. Count down the days until Santa-Claws arrives!

Meowee Christmas Bauble

Meowee! Xmas Bauble Tin. A yummy tree decoration just for cats.  Filled with crunchy bisuit treats.  Keep the bauble tin and refill with your cat's favourite Meowee! Christmas treats. A Complementary Pet Food For Cats.

Meowee! Meaty Christmas Stocking for Cats

Whisker-lickingly good meaty treats & toy for your cats. Made with 100% natural meat. We know just how picky our