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Beaphar Fortified Egg Food Dry 1kg

A highly palatable, complementary food supplement for all seed-eating birds. Provides the essential nutrients often lacking in seed-based diets. Helps keep your bird in peak condition and is essential for use during breeding, growth and moulting.

J & J – Budgerigar 1kg

Ingredients: 50% canary seed, white millet, panicum millet, red millet, vegetable oil. This is a perfect balance of high protein

J & J – Cockatiel & Parakeet 1kg

This is specially formulated for these small Parrot species and is a complete foodstuff, designed to provide all the necessary nutrients for a basic diet for optimum health, vigour and feather quality. It is rich in digestible proteins and oils

J & J – Foreign Finch 1kg

Contains: panicum, white milletseed, canary seed, vegetable oil. 50% panicum millet [small seed] means this mix is highly suited for

J & J – Mixed Canary 1kg

Contains: canary seed, black rapeseed, linseed, niger seed, hempseed, yellow cereal biscuit. Balanced blend of canary seed, black rape [omega

J & J Fruit, Nut & Veg Mix 700g

Fruit, Nut and Veg Mix is a highly nutritious blend that can be fed in its own right or added to other foods.

J & J Premium Parrot Fruit 2kg

Premium Parrot Fruit is a highly nutritious, superior quality parrot mix that has been created with nutrition, palatability and enrichment in mind. It contains a total of 22 ingredients, more than 50% of which is fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Trill Budgie Seed 500g

By choosing Trill you can be confident that you are providing the very best for your bird. Our specialist knowledge ensures that Trill Budgie Food delivers the following to meet your daily requirements: Vitamins - Essential vitamins and Iodine S11 to reinforce his natural immune system.

Vitakraft African – Large Parrot Food

Our Vitakraft African Parrot food not only guarantees all-round care for the birds; all the mixtures also contain selected, unprocessed ingredients from their region of origin.

Vitakraft Budgie – Fruit Cocktail 200g

Vitakraft offers a wide range of delicious foods and tasty treats for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals.

Vitakraft Cockatiel & Lovebird – Frutti Cocktail 250g

Seeds are the staple diet of most bird species. They love to feed all the time which is why you need something that would not only taste delicious but also provide a lot of nutritional benefits to the little friends. The Vitakraft Fruit Cocktail 200g is a great choice for your bird that is full of nutrients and is a sugar-free recipe. This Budgie treat is delicious, easily digestible, and full of nutrients!

Vitakraft Kracker Cockatiel – Almonds & Fig

Vitakraft offers a wide range of delicious foods and tasty treats for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals.