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Armitage – Sandsheet No3 Orange

Kagesan sandsheets, to fit cage size 14"x8" (35cmx21cm). Pack contains 8 sheets

Armitage – Sandsheet No6 Red

Kagesan sandsheets to fit cage size 17" x 11" (43cm x 28cm). Pack contains 5 sheets

Beaphar Fortified Egg Food Dry 1kg

A highly palatable, complementary food supplement for all seed-eating birds. Provides the essential nutrients often lacking in seed-based diets. Helps keep your bird in peak condition and is essential for use during breeding, growth and moulting.

Bird Sand 3kg

Specially selected and graded superfine bird sand with added oyster shell. Suitable for all types of aviary and cage birds including Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Finches & Parrots for use on the floor of cages and aviaries to enable easy cleaning. The added oyster shell aids digestion and provides essential trace elements and minerals.

Carnival Parrot Toy

Made from rope and wood, the Carnival parrot toy, is ideal for encouraging natural chewing, shredding and playing instincts as

Cuttlefish Bones

A true Classic from Classic Pet Products, this is really an essential for birds which has truly stood the test of time!

J & J – Budgerigar 1kg

Ingredients: 50% canary seed, white millet, panicum millet, red millet, vegetable oil. This is a perfect balance of high protein

J & J – Cockatiel & Parakeet 1kg

This is specially formulated for these small Parrot species and is a complete foodstuff, designed to provide all the necessary nutrients for a basic diet for optimum health, vigour and feather quality. It is rich in digestible proteins and oils

J & J – Foreign Finch 1kg

Contains: panicum, white milletseed, canary seed, vegetable oil. 50% panicum millet [small seed] means this mix is highly suited for

J & J – Mixed Canary 1kg

Contains: canary seed, black rapeseed, linseed, niger seed, hempseed, yellow cereal biscuit. Balanced blend of canary seed, black rape [omega

J & J Fruit, Nut & Veg Mix 700g

Fruit, Nut and Veg Mix is a highly nutritious blend that can be fed in its own right or added to other foods.

J & J Premium Parrot Fruit 2kg

Premium Parrot Fruit is a highly nutritious, superior quality parrot mix that has been created with nutrition, palatability and enrichment in mind. It contains a total of 22 ingredients, more than 50% of which is fruits, nuts and vegetables.