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King British – Tubifex Treats 10g

King British Tubifex Treats are suitable for all aquarium fish, plus turtles and terrapins. They are a natural river-dwelling worm, harvested, then freeze-dried immediately to retain flavour & nutritional value. We press the dried worms into one centimetre cubes, making them easier to feed to your fish. Tubifex is the type of food that a fish would choose to eat in the wild, and provides a welcome treat and protein-rich nutritional supplement to any fish.

Supa – Tubifex Worms 12g

Supa Natural Tubifex 12 gram is a nutritious high quality protein rich food for feeding to fish which can be fed as a part of a staple diet or as a treat. Tubifex is freeze dried to lock in the goodness and feeding Tubifex is a great alternative to feeding live food & thus avoids introducing diseases into your aquarium, as with live food.