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King British – De-Chlorinator 100ml

King British De-Chlorinator makes tap water safe for fish. Use during initial tank set-up and whenever conducting partial water changes. De-Chlorinator neutralises harmful chlorine & chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals allowing tap water to be safely added to a fish tank. Also contains Aloe Vera to aid fish health.

King British – Filter Aid + 100ml

King British Filter Aid+ is a rich-source of friendly-microbes that will help you maintain better water quality. A weekly addition to your aquarium water will reduce harmful ammonia & nitrite, making the water safer for your fish. Regular use improves the development of the biological filter for clean, clear water.

King British – Green Water Control 100ml

King British Green Water Control targets the tiny unicellular algae in your fish tank that cause "green water". This special additive causes the algae to clump together and fall to the bottom of the tank, where they can be more easily removed. "Green Water" is unsightly, can clog filters, and can be bad for fish health, as it can reduce oxygen availability at night.

King British – Methylene Blue 100ml

King British Methylene Blue is a longstanding treatment for aquaria, used by generations of fish keepers. It is effective against a range of fungal & bacterial infections.

King British – Original Formula WS3

King British Original Formula WS3 White Spot Control is a veterinary medicine for the treatment of fish infected with White Spot. Also known as Ich or Ichthyopthirius, this is a persistent protozoan parasite that exhibits itself as pinhead-sized white spots.Costia & Trichodina can also be controlled with this product.

King British – Swim Bladder Control 100ml

King British Swim Bladder Control relieves swimbladder problems & constipation by stimulating bowel movement and assisting osmoregulation. Use when fish are unable to swim upright. Particularly recommended for Orandas and other fancy goldfish that have constricted swimbladders.

Supa – Tonic Salt 250g

Supa Tonic Salt 225ml is a mild conditioner and antiseptic for use in Fresh Water aquariums.  Suitable for use as a water conditioner & treatment of fungus and other diseases. Also can be used for sterilizing aquarium accessories such as nets. Used to create certain ideal conditions with in aquarium tanks. Comes in resealable tubs to stop the Tonic Salt becoming contaminated.